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THE #1 Rated AI-Powered Recruitment System CDL Drivers Recruitment Machine

Ten4 Connect – powered by InnovAItors leverages cutting-edge AI technology to assist small, medium, and large carriers in constructing a robust recruitment system capable of swiftly locating drivers as needed.

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Say goodbye to job boards or expensive 3rd party recruiters that don’t deliver


The Ten4 Recruiting Machine represents a comprehensive AI-driven system designed specifically for small, medium, and large carriers eager to elevate their recruitment efforts.

Our proprietary system seamlessly constructs and oversees the entire recruitment process, providing significant time and cost savings for your organization.

With our service, clients experience the remarkable benefit of receiving applicant responses within mere hours of initiating our platform.

Over 10,000 applicants generated this month

Over 10,000 applicants generated this month

Over $20,000,000 in revenue for our clients in 2022

Over $20,000,000 in revenue for our clients in 2022

Over 10,000 applicants generated this month

Over 10,000 applicants generated this month

How Does It Work ?


Stimulate high-caliber candidates to apply for your vacant positions using strategic, hyper-targeted, and engaging social media employment ads driven by AI precision


No more wasting time on unqualified applicants with our dialed-in, pre-qualifying surveys.

Auto Easy Chat

Chat with every potential prospect through the Ten4 proprietary CRM system built specifically for trucking companies. Easily connect, follow up, and keep track of important metrics that help your business grow.



Fill your empty seats in less than 24hrs with high-quality drivers that have met your specific requirements.


Let drivers come to you

Utilizing advanced AI technology, we source thousands of CDL-qualified truck drivers for trucking companies spanning North America.

Put an end to the challenge of competing with countless other trucking companies on crowded job boards or relying on traditional recruitment, placement, or marketing agencies.

Client testimonials

Hear it from real members of the Ten4 Family


“I was first skeptical about the driver’s volume because it sounds too good. But once the driver leads started to kick in it took us to next level. We have new trucks coming in by the start of next year and now we feel fully ready to get those filled out it with the perfect drivers. Only best reviews about Juan and his company”

-John Douglas – LB Independent Corp


About The Program Creator


JUAN TORRES Owner And Founder Of Ten4 Connect

A former CDL A driver for 7 years, Juan got involved with marketing and recruiting in 2016.

Juan is currently the head and face of Ten4 Connect. A company highly dedicated to helping new, & highly advanced, Trucking entrepreneurs start and scale their trucking businesses.

Ten4 Connect is currently the top-rated trucking recruitment system used by over 100 carriers nationwide.

Find And Hire Drivers On Demand

Forget about the traditional approach of merely collecting driver “applications.” In the realm of AI-driven innovation, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding and onboarding qualified drivers for your fleet.

Discover what sets the fastest-growing trucking companies apart – they harness the power of AI within our Driver Recruitment Machine. This advanced system seamlessly converts “driver applications” into actual drivers in your trucks, and it does so intelligently.

Our AI-driven Driver Recruitment Machine expertly plans and executes a finely-tuned ‘Driver Journey System.’ From the moment a potential driver first learns about your trucking company to the instant they’re comfortably seated in one of your trucks, our technology optimizes every step of the way, ensuring efficiency and success in your recruitment process.