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Curriculum Details

Innovaitors Mastermind Course

Dive into the dynamic world of AI with our expertly designed course, tailored for both newcomers and experienced professionals. You’ll gain a deep understanding of AI fundamentals, practical applications, and strategic business integration, all under the guidance of seasoned experts. This program offers a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning, equipping you with the skills and confidence to excel in the evolving landscape of AI technology.


Module 1: AI Basics for Business

Discover the essentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application in building a business.

Module 2: Creativity with AI

Learn how AI can boost creativity within your business, enhancing your brand in the process.

Module 3: Launching Your AI Business

Explore the steps to start your own AI business, including identifying a unique niche.

Module 4: Technical Aspects of AI

Acquire skills in AI technology, focusing on automating processes and creating AI-driven applications.

Module 5: Legal Basics for Your Business

Understand the necessary legal steps to establish your business officially, including registering as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Module 6: Financial and Operational Management

Discover strategies for managing your business’s finances and operations to ensure smooth and efficient running.

Module 7: Strategy and Business Planning

Refine your business plan and strategies to take advantage of market opportunities.

Module 8: Marketing Your Business

Learn effective online marketing strategies and content creation to attract and engage customers, focusing on organic growth through social media platforms.

Module 9: Sales Techniques and Advertising

Dive into advanced sales and advertising methods, including how to create compelling sales pages and successful advertising campaigns.

Module 10: Enhancing Sales Skills

Improve your sales techniques with advanced training, focusing on deal closure and crafting tailored proposals for clients.

Module 11: Client Engagement and Retention

Develop strategies to keep clients satisfied and engaged, enhancing your sales approach.

Module 12: Integrating AI into Your Business

Learn to seamlessly incorporate AI tools and techniques into your business for a cohesive and profitable operation.

Program Features

Tuition : $ 497
  • Full Course
  • Private Discord Group
  • Professional Instructors
  • Expert Support
  • Access to AI Tool Suite
  • Post-Program Support and Resources
  • Hands-On Projects and Exercises
  • Flexible Learning Schedule